About Robotime

Robotime was founded in October 2007, and after more than a decade of development, it now has 3 sub-brands: Rolife, Rokr, and Robud.

We are committed to providing innovative, creative and environmental-friendly DIY products for people worldwide with the brand purpose of “focus on originality, born different.” Our mission is to tap into happiness and spread positive, healthy, global, and trendy lifestyles for people of all ages.

Our products are exported to the world. We have entered the mainstream offline retail platforms of the world such as Barnes & Noble, Michaels, Hobbytown and Target. We have more than 200+ foreign dealers and 2800+ foreign stores for simultaneous sales.

Our Factory

1200+ employees

96,000 sqm, 1200 employees, 20,000,000 pcs/per month

High quality product

Products passed the CE/ASTM/EN71 test

Professional design team

Over 450 designers and engineers

16+ years

Specialized in wooden toys for over 16 years.

400+ items

Designed over 400 DIY wooden puzzle items.

600+ laser machines.

More than 60 professional production lines.

Our Exhibitions

Our sales channels cover bookstores, shopping malls, gift stores, toy stores, hobby stores, supermarkets, home accessories stores etc.

Robotime Features In

Robotime LLC


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